Supermicro's NVMe Based Petabyte Scale Storage

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

August 11, 2023


Supermicro's NVMe Based Petabyte Scale Storage
Image Credit: Supermicro

San Jose, California. Supermicro, Inc. revealed its E3.S storage solutions leveraging the first PCIe Gen5 drives and CXL modules for AI learning and HPC clusters. The storage utilizes the standard E3.S (7.5mm) Gen 5 NVMe drives from notable vendors with up to 256TB of high throughput, low latency storage in 1U or up to a half petabyte in 2U.

Charles Liang, president, and CEO of Supermicro, said "Our broad range of high-performance AI solutions has been enhanced with NVMe based Petabyte scale storage to deliver maximum performance and capacities for our customers training large AI models and HPC environments." The platforms are powered by either 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors or 4t Gen AMD EPYC processors enabling 20 Petabytes of capacity for high throughput NVMe-oF (NVMe over Fabrics) configurations in a singular rack carrying up to 4x E3.S 2T (15 mm) CMM devices on Intel and AMD processors.

Memory cache between the platform and PCIe attached DDR based memory devices are integrated into the system.

Storage Systems Include:

  • 1U servers supporting up to 16 hot-swap E3.S drives
  • Or eight E3.S drives
  • Four E3.S 2T 16.8mm bays for CMM
  • Other developing modular devices
  • PCIe 5.0 (2X the performance of PCIe 4.0)
  • 1.5X memory performance of DDR5 compared to DDR4
  • Up to 32 hot-swap E3.S drives

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