Wind River and TTTech to Join Forces in Advancing Autonomous Driving Applications

October 22, 2018

Press Release

Wind River and TTTech to Join Forces in Advancing Autonomous Driving Applications

Wind River announced that it has provided its VxWorks real-time operating system to power the latest versions of MotionWise, TTTech Auto?s safety-software platform for autonomous driving applications.

Wind River announced that its RTOS VxWorks will power TTTech Auto’s safety-software platform MotionWise for autonomous driving applications.

Wind River and TTTech Auto have worked together to develop multi-core system-on-chips (SoCs) ECUs for advanced safety-critical automotive functions. Wind River provided TTTech Auto with board support packages, middleware development, and network stack integration. The collaboration also includes preparation of artifacts and work products for the sensor system host satisfying the functional safety standard ISO 26262, Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL).

VxWorks’ enhanced multicore safety scheduler allows time, resource, and space partitioning for different criticality applications to run simultaneously while still fulfilling safety standards. Its reliable track record in safety- and security-certified environments make it the benchmark in current and future applications for connected and autonomous vehicles. 

“In the imminently approaching autonomous future, automakers must keep up with a rapid pace of innovation. However, the stakes are incredibly high," said Marques McCammon, vice president of Automotive at Wind River. “By working with leaders like TTTech, Wind River is helping carmakers accelerate their development cycles to deliver innovative products while also maintaining the highest levels of safety. When passenger safety is on the line, it will be essential to turn to leaders with proven technologies and expertise in mission-critical applications.” 

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