MicroEJ and Baracoda Integrate MICROEJ VEE with the Bconnect Communication Protocol for Connected Bathrooms

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 04, 2022


MicroEJ and Baracoda Integrate MICROEJ VEE with the Bconnect Communication Protocol for Connected Bathrooms

MicroEJ announced its collaboration with Baracoda to integrate the Bconnect protocol, dedicated to communicating objects in the bathroom, into the MICROEJ VEE (Virtual Execution Environment and software application containerization).

Baracoda has created an ecosystem of objects for everyday health (brushing teeth, measuring weight, studying body posture, and skin condition); with the objective of enhancing user engagement and enjoyment, while ensuring personal data privacy. To extend this ecosystem, Baracoda has created the Bconnect protocol that allows different electronic devices to communicate with each other and with Baracoda’s Cloud service. This strategy allows all manufacturers of “Daily Healthtech” objects to benefit from its technology.

As part of the Bconnect deployment, Baracoda has chosen the MICROEJ VEE applications container to globally distribute a set of proprietary and ready-to-use software bricks on a large number of electronic systems commonly used for the design of electronic products. According to MicroEJ, this will accelerate its adoption by the ecosystem of manufacturers in the “Daily Healthtech” market.

This collaboration meets Baracoda’s objectives to:

  • Impose Bconnect as the standard protocol for the connected bathroom.
  • Design high value-added connected products integrated with the Cloud.

This collaboration also allows Baracoda and its partners to benefit from many advantages:

  • Integrate ready-to-use software bricks into a variety of electronic systems: software bricks such as Bconnect are developed only once and can be integrated into very different electronic systems depending on the types of objects designed.
  • Reinforce product security: containerization of software applications reinforces security to guarantee the confidentiality of user data.
  • Benefit from a developer ecosystem: with a community of over 35 million developers worldwide, MicroEJ supports several programming languages such as C, Java language, JavaScript, and soon Kotlin used by the Android“™” community.

MicroEJ will be present at CES 2022 (Venetian Expo, Hall A-D, booth 52529) as well as at CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, an opportunity to share new IoT (Internet of Things) trends and present MicroEJ’s growth and future goals. Baracoda will also be exhibiting in the LVCC area with a showroom dedicated to the bathroom of the future: booth n°8419.

For more information, visit:  www.baracoda.com or www.microej.com/

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