Trinamic Open-Source Reference Design Simplifies EoAT

By Chad Cox

Embedded Computing Design

June 02, 2021


Photo Courtesy of Trinamic

TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH have introduced the TMCM-1617-GRIP-REF, an open-source reference design that simplifies the development of industrial robotic end-of-arm tooling (EoAT).

The TMCM-1617-GRIP-REF integrates hardware-based field-oriented control (FOC) and three communication ports to shrink the design size of EoAT by 3x and cut development time in half, TRINAMIC says.The TMCM-1617-GRIP-REF reference design includes the following additional features:

  • Motor control algorithms
  • IO-Link communications and other protocol stacks
  • Software-configurable I/Os
  • Real-time adjustment of TMCM-1617 servo drive modes, including gripper position and gripping force
  • Compact 4,197 mm² size
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