Sequans Introduces Taurus 5G NR for 5G Broadband IoT Devices

By Taryn Engmark

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 14, 2023


Sequans Introduces Taurus 5G NR for 5G Broadband IoT Devices

PARIS, France. Sequans Communications S.A. recently introduced Taurus 5G NR, a chipset platform for use in 5G broadband IoT devices that support applications such as portable hotspots, fixed wireless access, video surveillance, mobile computing, and high-end industrial IoT.

Taurus 5G NR is designed to be a high-performance, highly-integrated, and cost-effective cellular IoT solution that supports sub 6 GHz (FR1) radio in standalone and non-standalone 5G NR with 4G LTE fallback. It features a dedicated dual-core application processor with native Ethernet and other high-speed interfaces to support a variety of IoT applications. The Taurus portfolio includes the chipset, modules, and reference designs for design flexibility production efficiency.

Features of theTaurus 5G NR include:

  • 3GPP Release 17
  • FR1: 600-7125 MHz
  • SA, NSA, and CA for worldwide deployment 

Aside from those listed above, the Taurus 5G NR is suitable for use in applications such as smart buildings and cities and enterprise/private networks.

“Initial 5G IoT uses came as no surprise: automotive, and fixed wireless terminals and gateways — namely, high bandwidth applications that can reuse chips originally developed for smartphones,” said Jamie Moss, a research director at ABI Research. “But the rest of the IoT needs 5G silicon that has been acutely optimized: simpler, more efficient, more affordable, and not merely cut down or hobbled versions of higher performance chips.

"Economies of efficiency and effectiveness are intensely resource sensitive, and only fit-for-purpose designs can unlock the mass market potential for 5G in the IoT. Sequans’ Taurus is a 5G chip developed solely for broadband IoT, and with these optimizations as guiding principles,” Moss said.

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