Engineering Hero: An Early Start in Development Helps You Start Others Early Too

October 17, 2023

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In this fourth installment of our Engineering Heroes series, sponsored by Wind River, we honor Levi Zima, an RF Microwave Engineer. Levi was born in Oregon, spent several years of childhood in Wisconsin, and currently resides in Florida, just north of Orlando.

Levi may have just recently graduated from the University of Central Florida, but he’s been coding since he was 7 years old. Having started development so young, and been raised around it with his family also entrenched in the engineering world, Levi is one person who understands how useful a deep background can be for young, aspiring engineers. He even created a small radio kit that was specifically designed to teach children about how radio works and how to solder.

But check out the video above to hear from Levi himself, and stay tuned for more Engineering Heroes content.

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