How Purpose-Built Servers Provide More Value in the Long Run

November 27, 2017

How Purpose-Built Servers Provide More Value in the Long Run

Companies of all types and sizes are beginning to choose purpose-built servers over out-of-the-box servers. Many people believe that purpose-built servers are more expensive than off-the-shelf servers, but this is often not true. Companies who design purpose-built servers do so not only because these servers perfectly meet their needs, but also because purpose-built servers will give the best return on investment over time.

Why are purpose-built servers such good investments? Companies buy purpose-built servers because:

  1. Purpose-built systems better meet their requirements, such as specific applications and physical space
  2. Purpose-built systems are often cheaper than off-the-shelf servers
  3. Purpose-built systems can better anticipate future scalability than off-the-shelf systems
  4. Purpose-built systems utilize open industry technologies to easily add capacity and facilitate a heterogeneous IT infrastructure.

Suppose a company will need more disk space in a server than they can obtain in an off-the-shelf mid-range server that otherwise meets all of the company’s requirements. This company is then forced to buy a higher-end off-the-shelf server with more disk space than they will need, a larger chassis, other unnecessary features, and a premium price beyond its budget. Buying a purpose-built server with the ideal disk space configuration prevents this dilemma.

Purpose-built servers can also help maximize the effectiveness of an IT budget. A collateral benefit of customization is consolidation. A purpose-built server system that fits an exact set of needs may allow a company to be able to save on space, power, and maintenance. These cost saving benefits add up significantly over the lifetime of the server.

The lifetime of a purpose-built-built system is another one of its benefits. A purpose-built server affords purchasers the flexibility to accommodate future growth or changing needs, whether planned or unplanned. For instance, a company could easily purchase purpose-built servers with motherboards that will accommodate future CPU upgrades for additional speed and performance. This kind of flexibility is what makes purpose-built servers so scalable and such good long-term investments.

Purpose-built servers, unlike custom cars or clothes, are not extravagant. Purpose-built servers are much better investments than servers that come off the shelf. Purpose-built systems can meet the exact needs and specifications of their buyer, can help stretch IT budgets to their maximum level of effectiveness, and ultimately, can help companies be more competitive and grow faster.

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