Tuesday 9/15


SMARC 2.0 modules stand out thanks to their large number of graphics, camera, sound, network and optional wireless interfaces. They therefore offer embedded system developers a complete, off-the-shelf, credit-card-sized embedded computing core that is ideal for both IoT connected multimedia platforms as well as many other graphics-intensive low-power applications.

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Microchip Technology announced a partnership with Cartesiam, Edge Impulse, and Motion Gestures to simplify ML implementation at the edge. The companies plan on doing so by working with Cartesiam?s ARM Cortex based 32-bit microcontrollers and microprocessors in its MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
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Through the partnership, Siemens? PAVE360 platform will be used to create digital twin simulations for the validation and testing of all processors, electronics, sensors, and systems. This powers the VSI Labs Capability Demonstrator, an advanced AV development vehicle equipped with components from automotive technology leaders and integrated by VSI solutions engineers.
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TDK Corporation announced that it has developed the MHF1608 series of HF band* noise suppression filters for automobiles.
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In recent years, major companies have altered their product offerings through the capabilities of hardware- or dongle-based licensing, exchanging one transaction for several and converting one product into many. An appropriately scaled software licensing solution is so effective that Gartner estimated companies could cut their software budget by up to 30% just by optimizing their licensing practices.

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