Thursday 11/28

TOPS. FLOPS. GFLOPS. AI processor vendors calculate the maximum inferencing performance of their architectures in a variety of ways. Do these numbers even matter?

Most of them are produced in laboratory-type settings, where ideal conditions and workloads allow the device under test (SUT) to generate the highest scores possible for marketing purposes. Most engineers, on the other hand, could care less about these theoretical possibilities.
Litmus Automation has launched ?Ready Analytics? for its LoopEdge Industrial IoT Edge Computing Platform. Ready Analytics is a purpose-built analytics dashboard that reduces setup and configuration time for a variety of industrial analytics functions.
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AAEON, a developer of AI edge computing platforms, announced the release of BOXER-8220AI box PC powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano. The NVIDIA Jetson Nano is the latest in edge computing technology from NVIDIA.
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One Stop Systems, a provider of specialized computing solutions for mission critical edge applications, announced the release of SCA8000 compute acceleration expansion platform for use with Marvell ThunderX2 Arm based servers.
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The image processing subsystems of almost every high-end smartphone now integrate neural networks. Voice rec and speech processing experts will argue that what we now call AI has been running at the edge for years.


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