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It can be difficult for even the most sophisticated companies to bridge data and privacy together in a way that keeps consumers safe. Many of these businesses wonder how they can fulfill privacy expectations and simultaneously extract enough information for their apps and services.

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The SCups SuperCapacitor UPS is ideal to assist with the fluctuating power of low power remote systems where primary power can be interrupted. Typical applications include intermittent grid power or renewable energy systems such as solar, wind, or wave power systems.
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Digi International announced a hardware and software package, including the Digi EX15, Digi 6310-DX, Digi Connect IT, and Digi Remote Manager that enable enterprises to provide remote workers with high-speed connectivity backed by corporate security tools and policies.
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AAEON introduces the GENE-WHU6 subcompact board, powered by 8th Generation Intel Core processors. With a compact size, the board offers full-sized functionality and is able to deliver the flexibility of a desktop system in a compact form factor.
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The COVID-19 pandemic obviously hits different people in different ways, depending on a host of factors, which have all been discussed at length (and then some and then some) by the mainstream media. Here at Embedded Computing Design, we?re trying to understand how it has affected the engineering community solely from a work perspective. To that end, we will be conducting interviews with our Embedded Executives to see how they and their design teams are coping with the ?new normal.? Today, I spoke with Todd DeBonis, President and CEO of Pixelworks. Like just about everyone I plan to speak to, his issues are both unique and similar.

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