Tuesday 6/30


PC104, or what used to be PC/104, has been around in some form for over 30 years. That?s a long time, even for embedded systems. Despite that age, it remains a viable and important architecture for embedded systems. The spec defines a stackable architecture, whereby boards are literally stacked upon each other to add functionality.

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DATA MODUL AG presented two new controller board solutions designed for PCAP touch applications in displays with small and medium-sized diagonals.
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Advantech announced its compact, energy-efficient MIC-710AIX and MIC-710IVX industrial computers that leverage the new NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX.
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At Yole, analysts estimate, the global market for radars, cameras, LiDARs and computing ADAS should reach US$8.7 billion in 2020.
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In healthcare, the IoT is used for interconnected healthcare devices like monitoring systems, sensor machines, and detectors that can capture real-time health information. The detectors store the information on a centralized cloud/server to be later analyzed for better healthcare service.

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