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From their inception, PCs, industrial systems, and all manner of computing devices were designed as individual points of compute. As a result, security was never top of mind. However, today everything is connected. The IoT and Industry 4.0 have introduced new security threats that were not originally considered. Therefore, the way we think about building, managing, and maintaining electronic systems must also change.

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Real-Time Innovations (RTI) and SoC-e together announced a new partnership. The companies will provide Data Distribution Service (DDS) and TSN solutions for those seeking communications performance optimization over distributed systems.
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Litmus and ProcessMiner announced a partnership to cross-promote their platforms to offer manufacturers a solution that includes real-time data collection, analysis, prediction, and process recommendations for continuous improvement.
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The appliances, which are based on the Xilinx? Real-Time (RT) Server reference architecture, enable providers to deliver applications that include eSports, streaming platforms, video conferencing, distance learning, among other things.
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Challenges faced by IoT deployments related to latency, network bandwidth, reliability, and security cannot be addressed by cloud-only models, so the focus of IoT is moving towards the edge.

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