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IAR DevCon
The current winner in the consumer space is the ubiquitous USB, but the champion in the professional space is Power over Ethernet (PoE), which is actually a kluge to send electric power along with data on twisted-pair Cat 5 Ethernet cabling.
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UltraSoC?s Bus Sentinel can detect, block and record cyber-attacks in many applications including cars, factory robots and consumer devices.
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One of the mainstay battery technologies is set to accelerate its performance to support growing demand for more battery energy storage in the EU.
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AY Electronics Group and its subsidiary Shiratech Solutions, announced the opening of a European sales and engineering office in Germany, led by Director of Sales and Marketing Thomas M?ller. The subsidiary, AY Global Electronics, is located in Idstein, in the Frankfurt area.
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Bicker Elektronik?s UPSI-1208IP-23UW with 12VDC output (8A) and UPSI-2406IP-24UW with 24VDC output (5.42A) are dust and waterproof in accordance with IP67.
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The embedded systems developer?s journey has changed over the years, with the advent of new technology introductions and different demands by the users and applications. With that in mind, I interviewed Michel Genard, Wind River?s Vice President of Products, where we discussed just how those changes have affected the embedded developer.
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The Embedded Insiders discuss Six Sigma ... for thermal management? Six SigmaET is a thermal simulation solution developed by Future Facilities, designed to help increase reliability, improve production, and maximize device performance. Not your everyday business process optimization. Alix speaks with Chris Altham of Future Facilities on how Six SigmaET is helping designers overcome thermal management issues in an age of increasing processor horsepower.
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