Friday 11/8

The European Processor Initiative is finishing its first year, and has released an EPI Common Platform and an updated roadmap. Uniting 27 partners from 10 European countries with the goal of helping the EU achieve independence in advanced processor technologies, the initiative has submitted several architectural designs to the European Commission, and is now ready to show its updated roadmap to the public.
European Processor Initiative Reports on First Year of Activities
Infineon Technologies broadened its CoolGaN Series with the CoolGaN 400 V device (IGT40R070D1 E8220), tailored for premium audio systems, and CoolGaN 600 V industrial-grade device (IGLD60R190D1) for performance and cost optimization in low- and mid-power applications.
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STMicroelectronics announced its collaborative efforts with Audi to create the next generation of automotive exterior OLED lighting.
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Analog Devices has acquired Test Motors, a Spanish predictive maintenance company. Test Motors specializes in detecting faults in electric motors and generators, and advises how they can be repaired before damage occurs.
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ams introduced a sensor solution that enables smartphone world-facing cameras with rolling shutter image sensors to eliminate unwanted image artifacts such as banding, caused by the flickering of artificial light sources.
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The semiconductor content in today?s (and tomorrow?s) automobiles continues to grow. That?s a good thing for lots of people. Unfortunately, that list includes the bad guys, as more end points .
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