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Thursday 12/3

In Part 1, we will cover general smart home market trends, user interface, and sensing requirements. In Part 2, we will cover connectivity and security requirements for devices intended for the Smart Home market.
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STMicroelectronics released an Amazon-qualified reference design package for smart connected devices leveraging Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Integration for AWS IoT Core.
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Digi International released its Digi IX10 industrial router. Built to provide connectivity in industrial infrastructures, the newest member of the Digi IX industrial cellular router family, can operate well with digital signage, asset monitoring, and retail applications.
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With the launch and the funding, EdgeQ plans to address the 5G infrastructure market as the first company to couple 5G connectivity with AI compute onto a SoC. By doing so, the company can help lock in private networking for disruptive applications, intelligent services, and new business models.
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As awareness of the transformative nature of 5G is increasing, the industry is slowly waking up to the enormous challenge of securing not only the networks but also all the things these networks connect and the vital data they carry.
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In this presentation, you?ll learn about these challenges and what approaches can be taken to perform software updates. You get an understanding on what needs to be updated in embedded Linux systems, and the requirements checklist for OTA software updates.
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Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) has provided a digital transformation and disrupted industrial segments in many ways. Unlike commercial and typical industrial products, these connected rugged devices must perform well in punishing environments.

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