POLYN Introduces Industry’s First Voice Extraction Analog Neuromorphic Chip

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

November 03, 2022


TEL AVIV, ISRAEL POLYN Technology announced NeuroVoice, an analog neuromorphic chip employing both voice detection (VD) and voice extraction (VE) operating at 100 µW with inference performance in 20 µsec.

Eugene Zetserov, VP Marketing and Business Development of POLYN says, “Current methods of voice signal processing are power hungry and, in some cases, fall short. Immediate voice recognition is important for hearing assistance devices. AI-based extraction of the voice signal in a noisy environment, including irregular noises, provides a better hearing experience than standard noise cancellation filters. A neural network is the perfect tool for voice processing and POLYN offers it on a tiny neuromorphic analog chip.”

POLYN’s NeuroVoice solution offers on-chip voice extraction/transparent mode in noisy environments. With POLYN’s framework and tools, chip generations are improved for a neural network conversion into an analog neuromorphic chip. Simplified customization to add voice features like wake word detection (WWD) and keyword spotting (KWS) is included. “A combination of NASP technology for voice extraction for clear communication and other voice processing features gives NeuroVoice additional advantage,” Zetserov said.

Zetserov continues, “Earbuds, smartphones, hearing assistance, gamer headphones, and intercom systems need new technology to bring voice processing to a new level”

For more information, visit www.polyn.ai


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