The Latest Intel Processors Lead the Charge to Enhanced Industrial Automation

July 25, 2023


Machine vision has revolutionized industrial automation by facilitating crucial tasks like pick-and-place machine positioning, object sorting, and product defect detection.

With the advent of Alder Lake-S processors, the landscape of industrial automation and machine vision is being redefined. These processors feature a hybrid design, improved graphics, support for DDR5, and AI acceleration, ushering in a new era of possibilities. Moreover, embedded variants of the Alder Lake-S processors are now available, offering a comprehensive suite of features specifically tailored for machine vision system consolidation.

The robust feature set of the 12th generation Intel Core processors presents an extraordinary opportunity for the field of machine vision. With the advanced capabilities and performance offered by these processors, machine vision technology can undergo a paradigm shift, enabling system designers to completely rethink their architectures. This, in turn, leads to a wide range of advantages, including cost reduction, decreased energy consumption, a smaller physical footprint, and ultimately delivering enhanced value to customers.

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