Optimizing PCB Design and Analysis for High-Speed Connector Interfaces

June 13, 2023


As high-speed connectors become more prevalent in various applications, PCB design teams face the challenge of optimizing the interface between high-speed connectors and PCBs with varying stack-ups and route densities, which can create crosstalk on high-speed signals.

To succeed, design teams need to address this problem in its entirety, using highly accurate 3D finite element method (FEM) field solvers. The complexity of these designs requires speed, capacity, and efficient memory consumption that has not traditionally been available to users of 3D FEM tools. This application note presents an innovative workflow using Cadence®️ Allegro®️ PCB Designer and Cadence Clarity™️ 3D Solver streamlines the engineering time and effort required to address the challenges of optimizing high-speed connector interfaces within PCBs. 

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Download Whitepaper