UEI Releases an ISO 17025 Compliant 6.5 Digit Digital MultiMeter

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

December 08, 2023


UEI Releases an ISO 17025 Compliant 6.5 Digit Digital MultiMeter
Image Credit: UEI

Norwood, Massachusetts. United Electronic Industries (UEI) introduced its ISO 17025 compliant 6.5 Digit Digital MultiMeter DNx-DMM-261 I/O board delivering digital multimeter (DMM) functionality to UEI’s rugged chassis series. The board leverages UEIDAQ Framework for the ability to utilize the most recognized operating systems and programming languages. 

For applications in harsh environments including flight-line testing, ground systems and equipment monitoring, armament testing, and fueling systems, the DNx-DMM-261 operates between -40 °C to +85 °C for durability when it matters.


  • DC voltage input ranges from 300 VDC to 100 mVDC
  • DC current ranges from 2A to 1mA
  • AC voltage from 250 VAC to 125 mVAC
  • AC current ranges from 2A to 1 mA
    • Two and four wire resistance measurement ranges from 100 MΩ to 10 Ω

The DNx-DMM-261 can be used with many cable and screw terminals and different switch boards for interfacing with substantially sized multichannel systems.

For more information, visit ueidaq.com.


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