Efinix Releases 2nd Generation Sapphire RISC-V Core

By Chad Cox

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 08, 2022


Efinix released its 2nd generation Sapphire RISC-V core, improving upon its offering of three previous software defined, RISC-V SoCs. 

The Efinix Sapphire is fully software configurable through a graphical user interface included directly within Efinix's Efinity Integrated Development Environment.

The 32-bit core with I,M,A,F and D extensions features custom instructions capabilities for highly accelerated workloads with 1024 instruction IDs.

Compatible with both Efinix families of FPGAS, the Titanium and Trion, Sapphire is Linux compatible with a memory management unit and also offers an optional memory controller for DDR or HyperRAM. 

For more information, visit efinixinc.com