BeagleBoard Doubles Down with Open Source and AI

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 27, 2024


BeagleBoard Doubles Down with Open Source and AI
Image Credit: is dedicated to open source and is proving it with its BeagleY-AI. The business card sized BeagleY-AI is compatible with popular accessories, add-on hardware, and enclosures, but stays true to open source. The fanless hardware includes programmable processors capable of running 4 trillion operations per second (4 TOPS) suitable for executing deep learning algorithms.


Texas Instruments AM67A system-on-chip (SoC)

  • Quad-core 64-bit Arm CPU subsystem
  • 2 general-purpose digital-signal-processors (DSP)
  • Matrix-multiply-accelerators (MMA)
  • Vision and deep learning accelerators
  • Multiple Arm Cortex-R5 cores

Included are multiple capture and display connectivity options as well as high-speed PCIe, USB3, and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

According to the Foundation, it seeks to enable researchers, engineers, and educators to be more empowered by the computing platforms they rely on.

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