The Road to embedded world: Samtec

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 18, 2022


The Road to embedded world: Samtec

A quick jaunt down I-65 from Indianapolis will get us to our next stop on the Road to embedded world, New Albany, IN, and the home of Samtec USA.

At this year's embedded world Exhibition & Conference, Samtec will be showcasing its silicon-to-silicon application solutions for industrial use. To get a glimpse of Samtec’s solutions, stop by Hall 4A, Booth 4A-324 for demonstrations of the VITA 88 XMC+, VITA 74 VNX, and COM-HPC connectors.

The VITA 88 XMC+ is an alternative connector from the family of connectors used in FMC/FMC+. The VITA 88 was developed for backwards compatibility with VITA 42.0 electrical footprints. The elevated terminal and standard socket connectors are designed to improve channel performance while following the traditional XMC geometry.

For system architects hoping for greater freedom in developing COTS SFF systems, Samtec will be highlighting the VITA 74 VNX, a new approach to a rugged small form factor design with a VNX machined chassis, robust backplane, and conduction cooled modules.

Along with the VITA 88 XMC+ and the VITA 74 VNX, Samtec will provide information and demos on its COM-HPC connectors. Samtec COM-HPC-aligned connectors support the existing and future interfaces such as PCIe 5.0 (32Gbps) and up to 100 GB Ethernet optimized for Client or Server modules defined in the COM-HPC specification.

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