Road to embedded world '23: Taipei City, Taiwan, GIGAIPC

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 24, 2023


Road to embedded world '23: Taipei City, Taiwan, GIGAIPC
Image Credit: GIGAIPC

GIGAIPC, an embedded solution-focused subsidiary of GIGABYTE, will be demonstrating its innovative industrial and embedded computing products at hall 1 booth 283 during embedded world 2023. Highlights from GIGAIPC’s booth will be its smart retail and digital signage solutions.

Smart Retail 

LCD screens have become the main medium for delivering information to the retail industry, where it is common for a single store to have multiple screens. The GIGAIPC QBiP-1165G7A industrial computer board has 2 HDMI ports, 2 display ports, and 1 eDP port built in.

System operators can configure different screens according to customer needs with ease. The series is powered by the  Tiger Lake UP3 platform which offers powerful computing capabilities.

For more information on the GIGAIPC QBiP-1165G7A visit

Digital Signage

Digital signage is increasingly becoming a part of consumers’ lives. When it comes to building those applications in a cost-effective, efficient, reliable, and forward-looking way, GIGAIPC’s smart display modules (a.k.a Intel SDM) always satisfy customers’ expectations.

In addition to supporting up to 4 K resolutions, the design for modules is perfect for a space-limited environment. The fixed form factor and ultra-slim design provide a friendly format for maintainability.

For more information on GIGAIPC’s digital signage solutions, visit

GIGAIPC's QBiX-Plus-EHLA6412-A1 Industrial System

The GIGAPIC's QBiX-Plus-EHLA6412-A1 will be availble during its stay with expert help. A preview of the data sheet is below, with a link here.


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