Embedded Executive: Phil Attfield, CEO, Sequitur Labs

By Rich Nass

Executive Vice President

Embedded Computing Design

February 17, 2021

Embedded Executive: Phil Attfield, CEO, Sequitur Labs

Just when you thought you had plugged all the holes, more vulnerability points pop up.


Actually, in the case of the consumer IoT, they were there all along, just far less publicized. In the big scheme of things, having an individual get hacked is a big deal, but usually just for that one person. However, if you hack multiple people, you could be getting to a point where it’s a big deal for more than one individual. Phil Attfield, the CEO of Sequitur Labs, has a pretty handle on this and understands how and why every node needs to be secured, and that’s what we discussed in this week’s Embedded Executives podcast.

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