LeddarTech Collaborates with Immervision to Support ADAS

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 08, 2024


Quebec City, Canada. LeddarTech in collaboration with Immervision Inc. announced the goal to streamline the perception model training process with a view creating faster, more cost-effective, and less data-intensive solutions.

“Through our joint efforts with LeddarTech, we intend to streamline the evolution of ADAS and AD technologies, accelerating our journey towards a safer, more efficient autonomous future,” offers Michel Van Maercke, CEO of Immervision.

LeddarTech will bring its experience in AI-based low-level sensor fusion and perception software technology, while Immervision’s advanced vision systems create a powerful interaction envisioned to enhance ADAS and AD perception training. LeddarTech and Immervision platform looks to allow large-scale data re-usability for developers.

Pierre Olivier, LeddarTech’s Chief Technology Officer, stated: “I am enthusiastic about this collaboration, which has the potential to significantly accelerate the development and deployment of ADAS and AD solutions. LeddarTech and Immervision have collaborated before, and our teams share a common vision of the contribution that tools and data can make in realizing the dream of fully autonomous vehicles.”

For more information, visit www.immervision.com and www.leddartech.com.

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