Valens Semiconductor Successfully Completes MIPI A-PHY Interoperability Testing

By Taryn Engmark

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

October 12, 2022


Valens Semiconductor Successfully Completes MIPI A-PHY Interoperability Testing

HOD HASHARON, ISRAEL. Valens Semiconductor successfully completed a joint interoperability high-speed data transmission testing session between a Sony Semiconductor Solutions transmitter and a Valens Semiconductor receiver to demonstrate MIPI A-PHY communication features such as error correction and retransmission mechanisms.

“Valens Semiconductor’s primary goal has been to expand and strengthen the MIPI A-PHY ecosystem,” says Gideon Kedem, SVP and Head of Automotive at Valens Semiconductor. “MIPI A-PHY is the most robust and resilient automotive connectivity technology available, and the successful completion of the interoperability testing is a significant achievement for the ecosystem. The addition of more suppliers providing A-PHY compliant IC products continues the momentum towards widescale market adoption of this standard.”

Kenji Onishi, General Manager of the Automotive Business Departmentat Sony Semiconductor Solutions says, “It is highly important for Sony Semiconductor Solutions to introduce cutting-edge technology into our image sensors, and MIPI A-PHY serializer integration will provide significant cost and performance benefits for our automotive customers.”

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