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Thursday 5/9

Security is often the last thing developers want to think about when developing IoT-based systems. Ideally, they?d like to add connectivity to existing systems and be done with it.
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In this article we explore the advantages of single-chip IoT architectures, now and in the future.
Adesto's SmartServer IoT edge server and the IBM Watson IoT Platform, along with NXP?s ready-to-use A71CH secure element for IoT devices, provide an extra layer of security for businesses connecting their systems securely to the IBM Cloud.
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The expanded Sectigo IoT Security Platform will enable device manufacturers, integrators and enterprises to automate and streamline the provisioning process, from the endpoint through a trusted third-party certificate authority.
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NetBurner's MODM7AE70 simplifies the process of adding secure Ethernet connectivity to new designs or existing systems.
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Special guest Rob Oshana, VP of Software Engineering R&D at NXP joins to give his thoughts on what the FreeRTOS and Express Logic acquisitions will mean for developers.
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