IoT Design

Thursday 10/22

A combination of multi-radio and multi-protocol solutions accommodate two or more radios running different multiple protocols at the same or different frequency spectrum simultaneously. This approach avails more efficient and reliable data flow by taking advantage of different protocols. Because of this, end-users can take full advantage as they are able to connect multiple devices operating on different RF bands and protocols through a single unit.
Heterogeneous Arm Cores
The partnership is designed to provide AI solutions for industrial machines, focused on field testing of AI that enables monitoring and provides actionable insights from data collected through industrial internet of things (IIoT) systems.
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D3 Engineering announced their DesignCore RS-6843AOP and RS-6843AOPU mmWave Radar Sensors enabling the implementation of different mmWave radar algorithms to measure, detect, and track.
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NVIDIA announced its AI computing platform has again achieved ideal performance records in the latest round of MLPerf.
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From food to cars to complex manufacturing machinery, quality is a top concern of manufacturers. Factors such as safety, efficiency, and reliability affect product quality and ultimately influence customer satisfaction. Sourcing, design, testing, and inspection all play a crucial role in ensuring products meet the bar when it comes to quality. Product inspections at early stages in the production cycle help reduce risks and cost. While inspections can be conducted at any point throughout the production process, the goal is to identify, contain and resolve issues as quickly as possible.
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