Protect Your IoT Devices, Really

By Rich Nass

Executive Vice President

Embedded Computing Design

June 27, 2023


Protect Your IoT Devices, Really

It took a little explaining for me to understand this one, but now it makes sense, a lot of sense.

Infineon recently launched its Edge Protect security solution that consists of four categories of products aimed at IoT applications. Basically, each category, one through four, builds on the previous category. In other words, category 2 is equal to category 1, plus additional features. And so on.

The categories fit the company’s PSoC and AIROC product family of products. The four categories include (but not limited to):

  • Category 1: CRA/RED/PSA Certified Level 1v2 compliant and requires a root of trust (RoT), secured boot, firmware updates, and debug access protection to secure OEM IP
  • Category 2: Requires Category 1 features plus Arm Trust Zone processing isolation, the TF-M security services stack and sufficient internal memory or a secured, external-flash, serial-memory interface, and PSA Certified Level 2 compliant
  • Category 3: Requires Category 2 features plus hardened accelerated crypto operations and fault sensors, plus PSA Certified Level 3 compliant
  • Category 4: SESIP/PSA Certified Level 3 but includes a hardware-isolated, lockstep redundant, secured enclave at an AVA.VAN.4 security rating for secured boot, key storage, crypto operations, and debug access control.

In the discussions about this announcement, Infineon showed me the results of an ABI Research study showing that less than 4% of new IoT devices contain sufficient security. 4%!

Compliance is included for specific use cases (all are included in Category 4), as seen in the image. They also outline specific attack types, and that list wil grow as more attacks occur.


The Edge Protect portfolio is compatible with Infineon’s latest ModusToolbox 3.1 development platform that provides developers with an extensible development environment that supports a wide range of Infineon MCUs. This release extends the covered to more traditional embedded applications that employ the company’s XMC, EZ-PD, and PMG1 microcontrollers.

Edge Protect is available immediately.

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