Numem and IC’ALPS Develop an Integrated Circuit with RISC-V Processors

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 10, 2024


Numem and IC’ALPS Develop an Integrated Circuit with RISC-V Processors
Image Credit: Numem

Sunnyvale, California / Meylan, France. Numem and IC’ALPS collaborated to design an integrated circuit with RISC-V processors, 2MBytes of NuRAM, and a DSP/AI Custom Datapath Accelerator. The SoC was developed to highlight Numem’s high performing low-power memory subsystem with an AI Accelerator.

Lucille Engels, COO of IC’ALPS said, “The challenges were numerous including: architecture, power domains, protection of the sensitive data, run times pushing improvement of EDA flow and the pressure of the tape out deadline”.

According to Numem, the integrated circuit was built in a secure environment including isolated location, network, servers, encrypted exchanges, etc.

“We were very pleased with the collaboration and quality of service provided by IC’ALPS which made this on-time tape out possible and first time functional silicon” said Jack Guedj, CEO of Numem. NuRAM with SmartMem is a high-performance memory subsystem which is 2-3x smaller and boast significant power reduction over SRAM”, he added.

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