Monday 4/27


Digi international announced the release of new cellular routers and extenders. The purpose of the Digi TX54 and Digi TX64 is to operate in intelligent traffic systems.
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Power Integrations announced its InnoSwitch3-MX isolated switcher IC family has been expanded by adding three PowiGaN devices.
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Vicor announced the released of the DCM5614, a new isolated DC-DC converter. The converter is isolated and regulated at 270V-28V.
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IBASE Technology announced the release of the AMI230, its latest series of robust embedded systems based on the 9th/8th Gen Intel Core platform.
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Different parts of the country and the world have been hit in different ways by the COVID-19 pandemic. In our Special Edition of the Embedded Executive podcasts, we are trying to understand how different groups are dealing with the issue, strictly from a work/engineering perspective. In this interview, I spoke with Thomas Fowler, Vice President of Central Engineering at Silicon Labs. Thomas is based in Austin, TX.

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