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In this edition of the Embedded Insiders, Brandon and Rich ponder when ?enough is enough? in terms of IoT device security. Because implementing robust security is so time consuming and expensive, why haven?t we just created development workflows that make it more costly to NOT use security? Later, the Insiders are joined by Jeremy Boone, Technical Director of The NCC Group, security analysis firm.

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Embedded Insiders

The CHIPS Alliance announced it released the Advanced Interface Bus (AIB) version 2.0 draft specification on GitHub. AIB standard is an open-source, royalty-free PHY-level standard for connecting semiconductor die in the same package.
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GuRu Wireless, a developer of mmWave wireless power solutions, announced the availability of its new evaluation and development kit. The new kit was developed to facilitate testing, evaluation, and proof-of-concept designs, all of which is based on the company?s proprietary, 24GHz, smart RF lensing technology.
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Atmosic Technologies and TraceSafe announced that TraceSafe has selected Atmosic's M2 solution for the AllSafe Wristband. According to the companies, the M2 system-on-chip (SoC) has low power consumption to extend the battery life of AllSafe Wristbands, and also supports long-range connectivity to support implementations that connect to gateways.
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The MachX03D development board is centered around Lattice?s latest FPGA of the same name. MachX03D devices are platform control FPGAs available with a couple of PLLs and either 4300 or 9400 LUTs, and build on the hot-socketing, instant-on, and soft error detection support included in previous generations of the MachX0x product line to include a range of cutting edge hardware security features.

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