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Many IoT projects fail due to unpredictable costs tipping the balance sheets. A major factor behind this, and one of the biggest contributors to the cost per device, simply boils down to the amount of data being transmitted. This cost that can be mitigated by choosing an efficient way of communicating between devices and applications. MQTT-SN (MQTT for sensor networks) is an optimized version of the IoT communications protocol.
Edge computing and smart devices are an important part of Industry 4.0, and that reality was reinforced at the recent SPS (Smart Production Solutions) Exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, where 1,585 exhibitors treated 63.708 visitors from around the world the latest in advanced production technology.
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The IMG A-Series offers performance scalability that ranges from 1 pixel-per-clock parts for the entry-level, up to 2 TFLOPS cores for performance devices, and beyond that to multi-core solutions for cloud applications.
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The combination of Eurotech's rugged Multi-service IoT Edge Gateways - enriched with Everyware Software Framework (ESF) - and Microsoft Azure IoT services, offers a solid foundation to quickly develop and deploy secure and scaling Edge-to-Cloud IoT applications.
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CodeMeter licensing and security has been integrated into ArtiMinds? industrial robot programming software (RPS) suite., which combines online and offline programming to create "coding-free" robot programs.
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The research work presented at IEDM 2019 measured a 5x reduction in energy use compared to an equivalent chip using formal coding.
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Dialog will license Flex Logix' EFLX embedded FPGA technology for use in its semiconductor ICs, as well as the EFLX eFPGA compiler.
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These cost-effective items are simple to fit onto a board, with the use of Harwin?s SMT shield can clips. Secondary soldering operations are eliminated, as these clips are soldered at the same time as the rest of the items populating the PCB.
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The prototype will showcase the benefits of Kandou's Matterhorn USB Type-C 40 GB/s multiprotocol switch and bidirectional bit-level retimer solution for faster video processing and data transfer connections to drive next-generation USB-enabled devices.
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Michael Barr and Philip Koopman who have done a tremendous amount of work and checked the whole Toyota code manually. The engineers have found 81,514 errors: cyclomatic complexity of a program was more than 50, recursion was used in the Toyota code and every issue caused by it led to processor reset. To minimize the risk of having a bug it?s important to use MISRA along with other methods of software analysis and checking, including static code analysis.
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