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Friday 7/24

With the addition of mesh topology in July 2017, BLE applications are further extended to a many-to-many topology for industries where wide range of power-efficient sensor networks are required.

Here's how to add BLE Mesh to your next design.
Global technology solutions provider Avnet is adding the MaaXBoard Mini, a new single-board computer, to its portfolio of hardware designed to accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs for IoT developers.
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Murata announced the completion of compatibility verification of the MBN52832, and embedded Bluetooth Module, with VitaNet Suite ? a secure IoT platform.
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Wibu-Systems and CodeLock have joined forces for CodeLock to offer an encryption tool that provides a way to secure valuable documents and sensitive digital information traveling across disparate mail servers.
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SECO SPA, a high-tech manufacturer of computer miniaturization and "ready-to-use"?IoT?integrated systems, has signed an agreement to acquire the majority shares of Ispirata.
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there?s a downside to this tsunami of IoT connected devices, which, as ResearchAndMarkets notes, will hit 25.1 billion in 2025, compared to 2017?s 7.5 billion. There are the threats, which come in many forms, and the ability to accidentally or purposely poison data, to re-route cars, or to impact organizations? performance. There have been ransomware examples with PCs, and this is expected to continue within the IoT.

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