Aldec's Spec-TRACER Offers Traceability Between System and Hardware Lifecycle Data

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 17, 2020


Aldec's Spec-TRACER Offers Traceability Between System and Hardware Lifecycle Data

The 2020.3 release of Aldec's Spec-TRACER bridges the communication gap between system and hardware development teams by adding integration with IBM Requirements Engineering DOORS Next.

Aldec, Inc. has updated its unified requirements lifecycle management EDA tool, Spec-TRACER, to support the exchange of data with IBM Requirements Engineering DOORS Next product. According to the company, this new integration provides the hardware teams’ visibility of changes to the functional specification and also makes meeting the traceability requirements of safety standards, like DO-254 and ISO26262, easier.

Spec-TRACER not only captures IBM DOORS Next artifacts and traceability data, but it can also export the relationships between requirements and hardware design data back to DOORS, allowing systems engineers to monitor the requirements coverage status.

Other new features include the ability to force the same parser settings on to all Spec-TRACER users within a team and the ability to disable requirements coverage verification during the capture process. 

Spec-TRACER also has a reports designer to help prepare project documentation that can, with the launch of the 2020.3 release, now include IBM DOORS artifacts alongside other design, verification and traceability data.

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