Friday 10/30


Semiconductor manufacturing facilities are unlike any other. They can hold hundreds of millions of dollars in investment in some of the smallest products ever made by humans for commercial use. So small that a fleck of dust can cause irreparable damage to the final product. Over the decades, the industry has pioneered many groundbreaking procedures that other industrial manufacturers eventually would adopt decades later.

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Collaboration platform

STMicroelectronics and Sanken Electric have collaborated to display the advantages of intelligent power modules (IPM) in high-voltage, high-power equipment designs.
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Percepio announced the availability of Tracealyzer version 4.4 with support for embedded Linux. Tracealyzer gives developers insight during software debugging and verification at the system level by enabling visual exploratory analysis from the top down.
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Vecow announced the release of the latest AI Computing System, ECX-2400/2300 PEG and ECX-2200/2100 PEG. The system is powered by the 10th Gen Intel Xeon/Core i9/i7/i5/3 Processor and integrated with NVIDIA Tesla/Quadro/GeForce Graphics.
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This week we?ll be giving away one Jetson Nano 2 GB Developer Kit from NVIDIA. This version has 2 GB of memory, instead of the 4 GB on the original Nano, as well as one less USB port and two fewer MIPI CSI camera ports. But the treat here is that has allowed NVIDIA to drop the price of the Jetson Nano 2 GB to just $59.

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