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Embedded Computing Design

Richard Nass’ key responsibilities include setting the direction for all aspects of OSM’s ECD portfolio, including digital, print, and live events. Previously, Nass was the Brand Director for Design News. Prior, he led the content team for UBM’s Medical Devices Group, and all custom properties and events. Nass has been in the engineering OEM industry for more than 30 years. In prior stints, he led the Content Team at EE Times, Embedded.com, and TechOnLine. Nass holds a BSEE degree from NJIT.

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DevTalk with Rich and Vin: Adding AI to the HVAC Specialist’s Toolbelt - Podcast

August 01, 2023

Whether you’re aware of it or not. AI is pervading many of our “traditional” applications, such as HVAC.

AI & Machine Learning

AI Is a Game Changer, But It’s Not an Application, Part I - Blog

July 27, 2023

If you took a general poll in the embedded space and asked, “What’s currently the hottest application,” a majority of the responses would be AI. However, that response would be inaccurate because AI (or its subset machine learning) is not an application. It may be the means to some other application, but on its own, it’s a technology.


Embedded Executive: Biden Administration Announces Cyber Security Standard - Podcast

July 26, 2023

Big announcement from the Biden administration—the U.S. Cyber Trust Mark. In its simplest form, it’s a logo/sticker that goes onto any compliant IoT device. In its most complex form, designers need to understand what this standard is all about.


Embedded Solutions: Infineon's PSoC™ 4100S MAX - Video

July 20, 2023

Adding touch capability to your display can be a tricky endeavor, especially if that display is aimed at an industrial application, where the conditions may be less than perfect. In this video, you’ll see how Infineon addresses the issue with a product that works just as well in consumer products as industrial.

AI & Machine Learning

Embedded Executive: AI Is Not the Endgame, Ambarella - Podcast

July 19, 2023

AI is here and it’s everywhere. However, AI is not the end game. AI is used to reach the end game, whatever that happens to be.


Embedded Solutions: Infineon Smart Door Lock - Video

July 18, 2023

Smart door locks are fairly common today, but they could be significantly smarter (and lower power). 


Embedded Executive: CXL, the Latest High-Speed Interconnect - Podcast

July 12, 2023

Compute Express Link, aka CXL, is a low-latency, cache-coherent interconnect that connects processors, memory, and other accelerator devices. It’s built on top of PCI Express and over the past couple of years, it’s been emerging as the winner in the interface wars.


Tiny, Ultra Low-Power Combo MCU Suits Healthcare Apps - Blog

July 11, 2023

NXP’s NHS52Sx4 family of ultra-low-power MCUs is aimed squarely at battery powered, miniaturized wearable medical devices thanks to its high level of integration and versatile battery support.

AI & Machine Learning

DevTalk with Rich and Vin: Is AI the Greatest Achievement of Our Lifetime? - Podcast

July 11, 2023

AI seems to be omni-present. It’s in the news, it’s in our classrooms, and it’s certainly in our engineering labs. But are we spending too much time discussing the technology that’s the current “new thing,” or is it really the greatest technology of our lifetime?

Analog & Power

Embedded Executive: Energy Harvesting, Atmosic - Podcast

June 28, 2023

Energy harvesting has been with us for quite some time, but it has not achieved the lofty goals that industry insiders predicted. 


Protect Your IoT Devices, Really - Blog

June 27, 2023

It took a little explaining for me to understand this one, but now it makes sense, a lot of sense.


Micron’s UFS 4.0 Mobile Storage Is Optimized For AI and 5G Apps - Blog

June 23, 2023

It really is possible to make memory that’s geared toward a particular application, if you’re still of the belief that AI is an application. I learned that fact recently, thanks to the folks at Micron Technology, who recently announced that they are delivering qualification samples of the company’s Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 4.0 mobile solution.


ReRAM NVM Shines, Even in In High-Rad Applications - Blog

June 22, 2023

Saying that non-volatile memory (NVM) is ubiquitous is an understatement. From our consumer devices to industrial and medical/healthcare applications, even in our cars, NVM is omnipresent. It’s used to store the operating system, the program files, our pictures, videos, and other data. In environments with high levels of radiation, such as aerospace and medical devices, selecting the right NVM can be a key consideration since radiation can impact the operation of many technologies.


Embedded Executive: Storage Without a Storage Box, StorPool - Podcast

June 21, 2023

Software-defined storage is a relatively new technology. It does the same job as the large storage box, but without the large storage box. Huh?

AI & Machine Learning

Embedded Executive: Explosive Growth in Cloud-based AI, Unisys - Podcast

June 14, 2023

We talk a lot here about Edge-based AI and all the things that it can accomplish. But that leaves out a significant portion of the market, that being Cloud-based AI and machine learning.


Embedded Executive Podcast: Is the Gov Killing the Embedded Industry? IntervalZero - Podcast

June 07, 2023

A few years ago, businesses reaped big benefits from federal tax cuts. However, that money needed to come from somewhere.

AI & Machine Learning

DevTalk with Rich and Vin: How and Where to Begin Your AI Design - Podcast

June 06, 2023

While Rich and Vin usually believe they all the answers to all the design-related questions, that may not always be the case. For example, when the question of where to begin your AI-based design came up, the “experts” felt in was prudent to bring in someone even more expert. In this case, that was Stuart Feffer, of Renesas.

Analog & Power

Embedded Executive: Is SiC Dead? Navitas Semiconductor - Podcast

May 31, 2023

Fast-charging an end device like a smart phone in under 10 minutes using Gallium Nitride (GaN) power components is awesome. However, it’s not as great as it sounds, for a few reasons.


Embedded Executive: All DRAMs Are Not Created Equally, Apacer - Podcast

May 24, 2023

DRAM is DRAM, right? There’s no difference from manufacturer to manufacturer. If that’s your take, you’ll likely find yourself in trouble when it comes to your design’s memory subsystem.


Best in Show Winners at Automate 2023 - Blog

May 22, 2023

The judges have met and the votes are in. I’m pleased to announce the latest round of Embedded Computing Design’s Best in Show winners for the Automate 2023 Show.

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