Image Credit: Axiomtek
Axiomtek Announces its iNA110: A DIN-Rail Cybersecurity Gateway for OT Environments

Chad Cox

June 25, 2024

Axiomtek announced the August release of the fanless iNA110, a DIN-rail cybersecurity gateway for operational technology (OT) network security leveraging the Intel Atom x5-E3930/E3940 processor (Apollo Lake) with four 1G LAN ports and a pair of LAN Bypass for nonstop connections with OT devices.


AI Is Upping the Ante for Power Management: Embedded Executive with Infineon

June 19, 2024

Why would you put sensors and power components into the same business unit if you’re a component supplier? That’s what I asked Adam White, President of Infineon’s Power and Sensor Systems Division.

After hearing his response, it made perfect sense—today’s sensors are quickly growing in number and power consumption in the data center, in AI applications, and lots of other places. So it only makes sense to put those engineers in the same room. Adam explained it better than I could, citing lots of power numbers and energy requirements needed by various applications, and how they vary in different regions. Check out this week’s Embedded Executives podcast.