Image Credit: Cincoze
Cincoze's DS-1402 Rugged Embedded Computer Earns Two Honors

Chad Cox

June 21, 2024

The DS-1402 rugged embedded computer by Cincoze has recently earned two international awards. Belonging to the Rugged Computing – DIAMOND series, the DS-1402 is designed to meet the high performance and expandability requirements of edge computing while providing the necessary reliability and stability for smart factories, machine vision, and similar industrial applications. The DS-1402 earned the Innovators Awards from Vision System Design and the Product of the Year Award from Control Engineering.


Embedded Executive: Sensors Are Exploding in Number, Requiring Lots More Energy - Infineon

June 19, 2024

Why would you put sensors and power components into the same business unit if you’re a component supplier? That’s what I asked Adam White, President of Infineon’s Power and Sensor Systems Division.

After hearing his response, it made perfect sense—today’s sensors are quickly growing in number and power consumption. So it only makes sense to put those engineers in the same room. Adam explained it better than I could, citing lots of power numbers and energy requirements needed by various applications, and how they vary in different regions. Check out this week’s Embedded Executives podcast.