Image Credit: AAEON
AAEON Leverages 13th Gen Intel Core Processing for its PICO-RAP4

Chad Cox

June 24, 2024

AAEON released the PICO-RAP4, the newest addition to its line of PICO-ITX boards leveraging the Intel Processor U300E all the way to the 6 P-core, 8 E-core, and 20-thread Intel Core i7 1370PE. The board has enhanced data transfer speeds and extended bandwidth in a customizable configuration through 32GB of SODIMM-based DDR5 (up to 5200 MT/s). The PICO-RAP4 is ideal for advanced computing applications including service robots and healthcare imaging devices.


Embedded Executive: Sensors Powering AI Are Growing in Number, Requiring Lots More Energy - Infineon

June 19, 2024

Why would you put sensors and power components into the same business unit if you’re a component supplier? That’s what I asked Adam White, President of Infineon’s Power and Sensor Systems Division.

After hearing his response, it made perfect sense—today’s sensors are quickly growing in number and power consumption in the data center, in AI applications, and lots of other places. So it only makes sense to put those engineers in the same room. Adam explained it better than I could, citing lots of power numbers and energy requirements needed by various applications, and how they vary in different regions. Check out this week’s Embedded Executives podcast.